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Follow Your EX- Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble Housemates on Facebook and Twitter

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

We figured out that it would be good if you the fans kept in touch with your favourite Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble housemates and because of that we've decided to get you all their contacts on social media platforms Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Below are the social media platforms of the housemates

Lebo: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Ex: Twitter, Instagram

Matthias: Facebook, Twitter

Sibu:Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Gino: Facebook

Tiffini: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Tembi: Facebook, Twitter

Adams: Facebook, Twitter

Soxx: Facebook, Twitter

Bexx: Facebook, Twitter

Mbali: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Chelsea: Facebook, Twitter

Ace: Facebook

Ntombi: Facebook

K2: Facebook, Twitter

Blue: Facebook, Twitter , Instagram

Bongi: Facebook, Twitter

Khali: Facebook, Twitter

Pumba: Facebook, Twitter

Kay: Facebook

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Bonang Matheba Looks Stunning on Vacation in Zanzibar

South African media personality Bonang Matheba is currently enjoying some time in the sun as she vacations in Zanzibar in Tanzania.

Always keeping her style game on point, in the past two days she has been spotted in a black sheer dress by Gert Johan Coetzee and also a cut-out swimwear piece by Andrea Iyamah.
How fab is she?

Fans rally to fund Katlego Mabusela & Thandi Mbombo: Big Brother Mzansi losers

Cape Town – The second season of Big Brother Mzansi, Double Trouble, might be over but some super fans have found a way to still support their team.

Throughout the season runners up K2 (Katlego Mabusela) and Blue (Thandi Mbombo) had a strong following who dubbed themselves #teamroyals.

Fans were captivated by the pair who started a romance during their stay in the Big Brother house.

And now fans have taken it one step further on a Facebook fan page created for the pair, where details of a bank account set up in aid of the pair have been shared.

Disgruntled supporters feel that the pair are in fact the 'true’ winners and have started a campaign to raise funds for the pair.

BBA Kenya admin is not sure if the bank account is legit and in all honesty this all sounds a bit dodgy to us!

K2 Meets Monde Dube, lets prepare for a hit music record from the duo

What is happening to Ace? This photo is scaring everybody!!

Blue denies knowing her kasi friend Innocentia

“I DON’T know who you are talking about.”

These were the words of Big Brother contestant Blue Mbombo (25) when the SunTeam approached her about comments she had made on the show.

Innocentia Morolong (23) is accusing Blue of calling her a prostitute on the popular reality show on 8 May.

When she was called for comment, Blue denied knowing Innocentia.

But Innocentia told Daily Sun that the two of them were born and raised in Welkom, Free State.

“Blue’s allegations have left my parents and even community members shocked.

“My parents said they will support whatever decision I make over this.

“We grew up in Welkom as friends and I’m very shocked to hear that she says she doesn’t know me,” Innocentia said.

She told BBA Kenya that trouble between them started when she took pictures of herself with Blue’s ex-boyfriend, Nigerian soccer player Onyekachi Okonkwo.

Innocentia said if Blue didn’t apologise to her publicly, she would be facing a hot klap and a lawsuit.

According to her, they used to be buddies who modeled and partied together.

Blue was a runner up in the latest Big Brother Mzansi series.

Speaking to BBA Kenya about the photos she believed were the reason for all the trouble, Innocentia said: “I posted the photos on social media and I think that’s where Blue saw them.”

Mzansi Magic’s Bongi Potelwa told BBA Kenya that they reviewed footage from 8 May. “As far as we saw, Blue didn’t mention any names when she spoke about a friend who was a prostitute,” she said.

“Blue has not told us that she feels threatened. We have an open line of communication with our contestants.”

Kay Admits That She Lied About Tycoon Mcineka

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble contestant Keitumetse Kay Mariti lied about the owner of a popular Soweto shisa nyama Panyaza Mcineka of being an intellectual property thief.

Kay dropped a bombshell during her stay in the Big Brother Mzansi house when she accusedMcineka of being an intellectual property thief.

The Soweto-born Mariti alleged she approached Mcineka (62) to propose that they open a metered taxi service for patrons who would prefer to be dropped off at home should they overindulge in the giggle-water.

Mariti, who said she was an administration officer at the SAPS Gauteng headquarters in Parktown, Joburg, claimed Mcineka rejected the concept but to her shock andchagrin, he later introduced Panyaza Take Me Home” metered taxi service.

But it appeared Mariti manufactured the claim to garner public sympathy she hoped would shield her from eviction from the house.

An investigation by Sunday World revealed Mcineka does not operate any metered taxi service.
In visits to the establishment over two weekends, Sunday World observed drunk patrons hitch hiking for lifts or driving themselves.

There were no marked taxis on the premises and employees said there was no such service at the busy butchery.

Mariti said: Yoh, I made that up, just to pass time in the house. I was joking yoh, you guys take everything serious[ly].”

Mcineka, a former press photographer, rubbished Mariti’s claims. Those allegations are not true. Nobody approached me or my business partner Zwelonke Zikalala about a metered taxi service for our patrons and I don’t even have a business of that nature,” he said.

Mcineka said he would like to know why Mariti lied about him, I would one day like to meet Kay so I can ask her why she chose to lie about an old man like me. That girl has guts and she’s brave, I’m an old man, I can’t steal people’s ideas,” he said furiously

Did The Ex-Housemates Say Something Confusing To K2?

Is it true that the Big Brother Mzansi Ex-housemates said confusing things to K2 during the last shap shap night party?

Well for the very last shap shap party of BBmzansi Double Trouble last Saturday, Big Brother decided to bring in some of the Big Brother Mzansi Secrets housemates who included Mandla,Lexi, MK, Loko, Iris and Sol.

This move really made the Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble finalists happy as they enjoyed the night out but however after the party, the Ex-housemates' visit seemed to have impacted some finalists' game in some way.

K2 might have been a victim in this case given the fact that immediately after the party, he wasn't in his usual mood as he revealed it to Mbali that he was considering splitting from Blue shortly after the final.

Apparently some of the fans to K2 and Blue are accusing the ex-housemates of telling K2 that Blue was playing him and not really in love with him.

Below is the message that was posted on the official facebook fan page of the royals: BBA Kenya

"royals those ex housemates played with K2's mind and told him Blue is playing him, he believes them because they are from the outside, royals do this for Blue then".

The Royal Couple with their Mums - See their photo

K2 and Blue side by side with their mother

Wedding bells for BBMzansi's Blue and K2?

blue and k2 wedding
The champagne bottles have been popped, the confetti has fallen and the congratulations continue to pour in for season winners, Ntombi and Ace.
Yet, let’s not forget the runners-up - the 'royal couple' K2 and Blue also had a good run on the show - and even though Ntombi and Ace beat the royal couple by a whopping 33%, they are still loved by many as they kept us glued to our TV screens with their somewhat rocky relationship during the game

The finale was filled with a lot of tears and laughter, but besides the winners announcement, one highlight that had our eyebrows raised in curiosity was when Blue suddenly ululated after Big Brother host, Lungile Radu enquired about their relationship outside of the house.

Blue had mentioned that they were still going to continue their relationship and out of nowhere she ululated, waving her hand in the air in excitement.
Now in certain African cultures, ululating is usually associated with marriage, a celebratory expression of a wedding to come

Lungile, like many of us, was puzzled by Blue’s ululating which lead us to question whether K2 had already popped the question?

Ok, we might be a bit dramatic about this, but why did Blue ululate? But then again, some might argue that Blue was probably just excited and expressed her excitement in a different manner. K2, on the other hand, just simply smiled throughout Blue’s excitement.

BBA Kenya will be keeping a close eye on these two, we have a feeling that interesting things are about to unfold between the royal couple.

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