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Day 24 Shower Hour Video of Samantha and Sheillah at their best

Macky2 and Sipe Getting Close

The creative spirit was still alive in the housemates as they gathered in the bedroom writing and sharing poetry. Kacey Moore, Ellah, Luis, Butterphly, Goitse and Arthur started a poetry writers' club and poured out their emotions penned in creative verse.

Arthur's poem hinged on his worry about the evictions on Sunday and was titled "If tomorrow comes". Luis shyly admitted that he was new to poetry before reading his work. Kacey Moore good-naturedly teased him: "Is it about somebody that we know?" implying that his poem was about Mira, which of course it was He grinned bashfully, before professing that this was the kind of writing he wanted to do. He said the club was teaching him a lot about rhyming and writing.

Kacey Moore also wrote a poem and dispensed advice to his fellow poets about the different forms of poetry and taught them about the Scottish poet, Robert Burns as well as American rapper 2Pac who had a message in his rapping that he was pushing and people did not pick up on until much later.

Ellah, who said she did not write a lot, had nevertheless written a poem before she came into the house which she wanted to share with the others. The poem focused on thanking God for where she was in life. Goitse had also shared her poem and there’s no doubt that they had shared deep emotions with one another. What did you think of the housemates' poetry?

Sipe was still in search of someone to write her love song, and she caught up to Macky2, asking him to help her out. They cosied-up on the couch, and he put pen to paper. The enigmatic Macky2 revealed that he was a realist and not a romantic, telling Sipe he did not believe in fantasy. He had a lot of good advice to give her about music genres and songwriting. What do you think of this development?

News - Talking Things Over

Since Sheillah found out that she was up for possible eviction this week, she has not been a consistently happy girl as she has been growing anxious about the possible events of Sunday evening. She expressed to Nhlanhla that she was sad about being nominated and Nhlanhla advised her not to stress about anything but that she should rather be positive and not preoccupy her mind with thoughts of the eviction show.

Sheillah was very upset and felt that Nhlanhla was dismissing her feelings by not allowing her to wallow in her emotions for as long as she felt she needed to. Things got worse between the two when the housemates were deciding on this week’s wager. Sheillah disagreed that they should go for another 100% wager because of their previous loss. Nhlanhla responded and said that they shouldn’t dwell on past experiences. Sheillah was even more upset by this as she felt that Nhlanhla was being dismissive of her feelings, again. The two kept apart from each other as there was trouble in paradise.

A day later things changed as they had a moment to talk things over. Sheillah spoke about what she hadn’t appreciated about Nhlanhla’s cold shoulder and she recalled how he didn’t cuddle with her yesterday and was basically not about her when they went to bed. Nhlanhla also told her that he did not appreciate how she spoke to him and about him to her friends. The two had a long conversation over a tub of ice-cream and at the end of it all, all was sorted in their paradise.

They looked so cute together as Nhlanhla soon resumed flirting with his “wife”, kissing her arm and calling her “Shey”. What did you think of the two talking over their problems?

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