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"I Stopped Explaining Myself To People When I Realized They Only Understand From Their Level Of Perception" - Huddah Monroe

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Friday, 9 October 2015 | 13:40

They Were Evicted on The Same Day, They Now Have Re-United - Denzell and Huddah Rock Uganda

denzell huddah

Too Sweet Annan Rocks a Maroon Blazer made by ELIKEM THE TAILOR

too sweet annan

Esther Hotshots and LK$ (Isaac Luggude) Wish Their Country Happy Independence day

Friday, October 9th. Esther Atwetwe from BBA Hotshots and Isaac Luggude from BBA The Chase celebrated their country's independence day in style! The two who represented their country, Uganda in Big Brother Africa wished their country happy independence day, they posted these messages as a sign of solidarity..

Blue Mbombo Rocks a num Ndinayo JumpSuit that cost her only R160

Friday October 9th. Blue Mbombo is beautiful and one could argue that she makes what she wears classy, and not the other way round. On this day, her classy jumpsuit cost her only R160 and we didn't hesitate to share how nice she looked. See the photo below..

blue mbombo

SHOCKER: Blue Mbombo hospitalized after doing surgery to enhance her beauty

Written By BigBrother Kenya on Thursday, 8 October 2015 | 11:04

Thursday, October 8. Big Brother Hotshots Contestant Huddah Monroe was hospitalized after getting a beauty treatment. In her own words, she said that she didn't think she could survive, "the things we do for beauty" she said.
blue mbombo

HUDDAH MONROE Welcomed By A Fleet of Range Rovers At Entebe Airport

Thursday October 8. Huddah Monroe was welcomed at Entebe International Airport by a fleet of Range Rovers that were specially made for her. The socialite was flying to Uganda as previously posted by BBA Kenya and has arrived in Entebe in style! Check out the photos below.

range rover entebe

range rover entebe

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