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And Rwanda is Back into Big Brother Africa,


M-Net and Endemol SA are pleased to announce that due to recent developments, Rwanda has now been re-instated as a participating country in Big Brother Hotshots. 

The re-instatement is as a result of the delay in production which led to adequate time being available to process the necessary documentation for the housemates to participate in the reality show.

 We would like to thank Rwandans and fans across the continent for their patience throughout this process. 

We wish Rwanda a spectacular debut onto Africa's biggest reality show and in the build-up to the launch, fans can look forward to more housemates being revealed in anticipation to Big Brother Hotshots hitting the screens on Sunday, October 5.

Contestants Representing Rwanda in Big Brother Africa

These are the lucky contestants who have been chosen to represent Botswana in Big Brother Africa. Big Brother Africa Hotshots will start on 5th October and will run for 63 days.

1. Frankie

2. Arthur 

About Arthur from Rwanda, Big Brother Africa Contestant

Profile Extra: Arthur - Big Brother Africa Hotshots Contestant From Rwanda

rwanda big brother africa arthur

Kigali-born Radio Presenter Arthur describes himself as "funny, humorous and humble". He says he loves the fact that he is social and makes friends easily. He enjoys people who are humble, and dislikes people who are irresponsible.

His favourite foods are rice and beans, his favourite book The Whole Truth, and favourite TV show, Real Husbands of Hollywood. He enjoys Usher's music and his favourite actor, Kevin Hart, is the star of his favourite film, Think Like A Man Too.

He says that viewers can expect "talent and humour" from him and if he wins, he'll invest his money in business. What won’t he do to win? "Anything that goes against my human nature". Arthur believes that "originality" is the best thing about Africa, in terms of its culture.

His favourite place outside the continent is the United Kingdom, "because that place is calm – especially Wales". Arthur's role model is Chris Rock, because "he is really good when it comes to comedy and he has helped so many comedians to make it on the market".

Arthur has mixed feelings about being the first Rwandan on the show. He says he loves eyes so he's intrigued by eye contact.

Interview with Arthur

Arthur has mixed feelings about being the first Rwandan on the show. He says he loves eyes so he's intrigued by eye contact.

About Frankie from Rwanda, Big Brother Hotshots Contestant

Frankie, Big Brother Africa Contestant From Rwanda: Profile Extra

rwanda frankie big brother africa

Frankie is a singer, model and actor with a degree in Financial Management. His favourite food is ugali with beef stew and his favourite book is Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk To Freedom. 

Frankie enjoys the music of Joe Thomas, Luther Vandross and Morgan Heritage and he says he loves "epic movies and romantic comedies". 

His favourite actors are Djimon Hounsou, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington, Cameron Diaz and Lupita Nyong'o. He values Africa's uniqueness and authenticity and lists his favourite place as Kigali – his place of birth. 

Outside of the continent, he says that Canada is his favourite destination because of all the opportunities there, but also because his son Taye was born there. Frankie considers his parents to be his role models, because "they have gone through lots of tribulations, but love and kindness always blossomed" he says.

His proudest achievements are graduating from university and when his son was born. Frankie says that viewers can expect "great times full of enthusiasm and adventure" from him and that if he wins, he'll contribute towards building a school in his grandmother's village and buy a house for him parents, to thank them for everything they did for him. 

Frankie gets along with both sexes and sees no point in lying about his age. He says being one of the first Rwandans to be on the show is "tremendously incredible."

Interview with Frankie

Frankie gets along with both sexes and sees no point in lying about his age. He says being one of the first Rwandans to be on the show is "tremendously incredible."

About Trezagah from Mozambique, BBA Hotshots Contestant

Big Brother African Contestant from Mozambique, Trezagah

Trezagah studied Civil Engineering. He doesn’t have a favourite food, because he says he loves eating. “I eat everything" he says. The classic Hardy Boys books are his favourite, while he enjoys the Discovery and National Geographic channels on TV because he admits he likes to “watch crocodiles and sharks attacking”.

Trezagah was inspired to enter Big Brother Hotshots by watching previous seasons. He is both happy and nervous at the thought of having the continent’s eyes on him. He says the best thing about Africa is “the culture each country preserves” and says his favourite place in Mozambique is Yofo Beach. He likes the Caribbean Islands because he’s a great fan of nature.

His role model is Jay Z, “because he knows how to dress, how to be on stage, how to behave and has good business control” he says. His parents have played an influential role in his life because they always showed him what was right and what was wrong.

He describes himself as “happy, active and wise” and says the best thing about himself is the way he treats people indiscriminately, saying he can “be a friend of a poor person or even a person that sleeps on the street”.

Interview with Trezagah

He's certain that the fact that he's always happy and enjoys playing games will excite his housemates. He admits though that he can also be reserved at times, which could rub them the wrong way.

About Sipe from Malawi, Big Brother Hotshots Contestant

Introducing Big Brother Africa Contestant from Malawi, Sipe

sipe malawi big brother africa contestant

Sipe is from Lilongwe and has an MSCE and ICM Hotel and Catering Management qualification. Her favourite foods are nshima with chicken and okra, pizza, Thai food and ‘a bit of Indian cuisine’. Her favourite TV shows include Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Idols. Her favourite musicians are Beyonce, Brandy, Sam Smith and Zahara. Her favourite actors are Idris Elba and Angelina Jolie.

Her favourite place in her country is Lake Malawi, because it relaxes her. Her favourite place outside of Malawi is Paris. “It’s the most beautiful place in the world and I always imagine spending time on my honeymoon there,” she says. “It’s the City of Love!” She says the best things about Africa are the people, the landscape and the food.

She lists Beyonce as her role model because “she’s hardworking and she makes it look so easy. I’d love to be like her”. Sipe’s Mom played a huge role in her life too. ‘She raised three children on her own and it hasn’t been easy for her, but she managed to see us through school. She’s a very strong woman,’ she says.

Interview with Sipe

If she'd be an animal, she'd be a lion because it's a king and so is she. Though her heart was broken by her ex-boyfriend, she's broken quite a few too.

About Tayo From Nigeria, Big Brother Hotshots Contestant

Big Brother Africa Contestant From Nigeria, Tayo

A 1.93m-tall model with a Higher National Diploma in Maritime Studies, Tayo from Nigeria, certainly stands out in a crowd. He lists his favourite foods as eba and okra soup mixed with fish stew, his favourite musicians are 2Face Idibia, Beautiful Nubia and D’Banj.

He says his favourite place in Nigeria is Oyo Town, his place of birth. “That’s my home, where I started life. It reminds me of who I am now and how far I’ve come in life,” he says. He says the best thing about Africa is culture and pride and that his favourite place outside of Nigeria is South Africa, which he calls his “home away from home”.

He entered Big Brother Hotshots because he believes in himself, and was also encouraged to enter by others. “I like to be seen and to be heard,” he says. Tayo says he’s not willing to change who he is or disgrace his family and friends to impress viewers or his fellow housemates. If Tayo wins the grand prize he’ll set up his life and give himself a life of luxury.

Interview with Tayo

Pleasant surprises may reduce him to tears but Tayo is not prepared to cheat on his girl with anyone in the Big Brother house. He's happy with his body so he wouldn't want to swap his with anyone.

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