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Day 47: Live Blog

11:00 Hotshots and exes start singing together.

10:35 Macky2 joins Tayo and the exes in the discussion about their entry into the game.

10:20 Tayo talks to the exes about the game and says he cannot be fake. He tells them he has had a tough time in the house, because he has not been allowed to play his drum and be loud.

10:03 Nhlanhla and JJ are still wondering what the exes are up to.

09:36 Luclay joins M'am Bea in the kitchen, wondering how many people will leave on Sunday. She says she is not thinking about it.

09:16 Leonel starts his morning exercise, while JJ carries on with his house-cleaning tirade.

09:01 JJ complains that none of the exes, except for Natasha, clean the house.

08:37 Feza and Macky2 have a morning chat.

Uti to reveal where Biggie was soon...

Uti has promised Africa a big reveal! He said that he would tell Africa where Biggie was last week when Figgie had taken over the house. But there was a catch; Africa had the challenge to make #TIA (meaning This Is Africa) trend on twitter!

As the housemates were busy with the Channel O “Hotshots Best #TIA tracks”, each country pair singing about a given country other than their own, they made sure to state that Africa was indeed beautiful through the numerous features they highlighted of each represented country in the house.

When Tayo and Uti were done with their recording, Uti sneaked up to a camera and began talking to Africa. He said that he knew where Biggie had gone to last week and if Africa wanted to know where Biggie was, they had to make #TIA trend on twitter and if it did trend, he would let them know on Sunday. With that, he dashed off, back into the house.

Mozambique's Selfie Trezagah and Leonel BBA Hotshots

trezagah leonel

Malawi Selfie, Sipe and Natasha in BBA Hotshots

natasha sipe bba hotshos

Zambia Selfie, Sulu and Macky2 BBA Hotshots

sulu macky2 bba hotshots

Zimbabwe Selfie, Vimbai, Butterphly and JJ - BBA Hotshots

vimbai, butterphly jj bba hotshots

Ghana's Selfie in BBA Hotshots featuring Elikem and M'am Bea

elikem m'am bea bba hotshots

Who is The Craziest Housemate?