As resentment continues to spread among Ghanaians over being represented in the upcoming Big Brother Africa show, by people they call foreigners, they may soon be joined by another country in their furry.

Lawrence Okoronkwo (2 Left) and Mosha Denze (R) with Friends at the recent Blankets and Wines

It is now time to put a full-stop on speculations of who is to represent Uganda at this year’s Africa’s biggest reality show. It has been confirmed and it is not Urban TV’s Mary Luswata or Mosha Denze like it has always been speculated!

However, the speculations were not farfetched as one of Mosha’s closest friend, Lawrence Okoronkwo, a Nigerian living in Uganda has been chosen as Uganda’s representative at this year’s edition.

Okoronkwo Thursday confirmed the news via Face book.

“I am set. 91 days! Two houses! Cameras, lights , action. See me in your faces. #thetimehascome.”

Most Ugandans were against Luswata’s and Mosha’s anticipated representation after the two auditioned for the show. However, the news of Okoronkwo’s representation looks to cause more resentment than it would have been with the former.

This has always been witnessed in Ghana where candidates who had made it through the selection process in Ghana were replaced by other representatives in South Africa after “they failed to process their travel documents on time.”

After their replacement, most Ghanaian media reported that they had been rejected due to fears of the spread of the deadly Ebola disease which is ravaging West Africa.

The news caused public outcry but MultiChoice Ghana and Endemol, the producers of the show were quick to deny the allegations.

In its statement, MultiChoice stated that the candidates applied for visas to travel to South Africa but their visas were not able to be processed and issued in time.

This year’s Big Brother Africa 9 edition is dubbed Big Brother Hotshots. The three month reality TV show is set to kick off on 7 September.

Entries are open to 14 countries: Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This year’s winner(s) will walk away with cash prize – USD 300 000 (Shs780, 000 000) at the end of the show.