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Week 7 Shower Hour Pictures - BBMzansi

Monday, 4 May 2015

Week 7, Big Brother Mzansi Shower Hour Photos

k2 blue shower hour

Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble Top 8 Housemates - Fantastic Four

fantastic four

Almost in the blink of an eye we’re down to just four pairs from the ten we started with a mere six weeks ago and now more than ever it’s a fight to the finish for the R2million.

Last night saw the curtain close on Kay and Pumba. The exciting couple bid the house farewell as they came up short on votes to stay a little longer in Biggie’s house. It was a sad depature for several housemates as Ace lost the friend he had in Kay and Chelsea was left loveless as her cuddle buddy, Pumba, saw his journey come to an end.

The drama didn’t end there though as almost immediately after the eviction, housemates individually went into the diary room to cast their nominations. There were no kid gloves either this time round as almost all the nominations were based on perceived threats and strategies to make paths to the final easier.

Soxx and Tembi found themselves scooping the most nominations at four, while Ace and Ntombi escaped unscathed without a single nod in their direction. Will they enjoy the same luck though during the joint nominations or could the tables turn for them?

At this point in the game though it’s now anyone’s for the taking as the smallest of decisions carry cataclysmic effects. Anything can flip the house on it’s head and change the entire course of events.

Who will win the Head of House? Will Blue and K2 whip out their immunity? Will Lady Luck shine her light once again on Soxx and Tembi? The only way you’ll know is if you keep your eyes fixed on Big Brother Mzansi because this is the week you simply can’t miss!

It’s all about the battle of the fantastic four

I Am Not Romantically Attached To Kay, Pumba Insists

pumba kay

Pumba and Kay entered Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble together but we must not forget that they only met for the very first time on launch of this season's Big Brother Mzansi.

Kay had previously revealed that she had wanted to have a relationship with but the lad seems to be hard to get as he has always insisted that he's not Kay.

While on the live stage of Big Brother Mzansi last night, in his exact words Pumba had this to say “I'm not looking for anything romantic with Kay right now”. He Stated.

Kay confessed that she did have feeling for Pumba and they shared an awkward moment on stage but Kay rallied and said that he was her "Baby."

Week 7: Find Out Which Pair Nominated Which Pair Today

final four

Currently there are only four pairs remaining in the Big Brother Mzansi house and today in the morning Couples' nominations were held.

Below is a summary of how each pair nominated;

Ace and Ntombi nominated Mbali and Chelsea.

Mbali and Chelsea nominated Soxx and Tembi

Soxx and Texx nominated Mbali and Chelsea.

Blue and K2 nominated Soxx and Texx

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Who is likely to win Big Brother Mzansi Season 2 DT?

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Who is likely to win Big Brother Mzansi season 2? 

Forty two days have already passed and we are now two weeks away from the grand finale. Big Brother Africa can now wait for this show to finish first, what a unique season it has been!
Here are the figures:

bba kenya mzansi

For those who missed, these are the statistics of how Mzansi voted for the 6th week ending.

To our surprise, Ntombi and Ace are leading the pack with the highest number of votes, followed by Blue and K2, with Mbali and Chelsea trailing them. How would NtombAce get more votes than K2Blue?

The shocker:

With Soxx and Bexx missing from the listthe list can not be conclusive but it could be a significant indicator to show us which couple will leave the house with R2million. Assuming the numbers for Soxx and Bexx,
Ntombi and Ace will be the two housemates likely to emerge the winners in this year's Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble!

Bucie Bqwiliso rocks live Eviction Show

Bucie Bqwiliso rocks live Eviction Show earlier with her hit song Shela

bucie bqwiliso

How BBM Mzansi Voted week 6

How South Africa voted for housemates, Day 42

how mzansi voted

Ntombi and Ace received 47.91 percent of the votes, followed by Blue and K2 with 34.10 percent Mbali and Chelsea received 14.32 percent. Pumba and Kay received the least votes with 3.67 percent. Pumba and Kay were evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble game.

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